Eye Bank

*Approximately 11 lakh blind population of our country are waiting for corneal transplantation and approximately 25,000 new cases are being reported.

*One eye donation can give sight to two corneally blind persons.

Give Someone a brighter tomorrow:-

  • Eye donation means donating the eyes of a person after death for transplantation with the family consent.
  • Eyes should be donated within 6-8 hrs of death.
  • Anyone can be a donor,irrespective of age,sex,blood group or religion.
  • Anyone with cataract or spectacles can donate eyes.
  • Persons suffering from hypertension,diabetes can also donate eyes.
  • For eye donation,please fill the pledge form and send it to any of the nearest eye bank.We will register you as an Eye donor and will provide you an individual Eye Donor Card.
  • After pledging, please inform your family about your wish to donate eyes,so that they can fulfill your wish.
  • Eyes can be donated even if the deceased had not formally pledged their eyes during their lifetime.
  • When donating the eyes of the deceased,do remember to:
    Dial the nearest Eye Bank (or 1919)within 6 hours of death.
  • Eye Bank team will rush over to the donor's home or any other place where the body is available after death.This is free service in public interest.
  • Till the eye bank team arrives,switch off the fans and keep the air-conditioner or cool on.Raise the head with the help of a pillow. Place wet cotton swab on closed.

We would Welcome your support as an individual or an organization in spreading public awareness about eye donation.