Vision & Mission


The Jeevan Jyoti Netralaya(JJN), as the leading authority in Eyecare and treatment, creates the future for the eye speciality. Our core values are Excellence, Innovation, Collaboration, Integrity.

To respect the unique and individual needs of each of our patients while providing the utmost quality of care, with state-of-the-art technology for their life-long eye health and vision care.


The Jeevan Jyoti Netralay (JJN) is committed to provide the complete treatment of eye problems as a speciality through the treatment and support of our team to promote excellence in patient care.

To share our knowledge with our patients and to assist them in understanding their eye health conditions, their visual needs, and the products that allow them the very best vision.

To support a team effort of caring, trustworthy, ethical service for all of our patients, to maintain confidentiality without compromise, and to improve our patients' quality of life.